Monday, January 24, 2011

AARCS - Happy Dance Litter

My puppies are getting so big.  We are rid of the lice and fleas and their surgeries went without a hitch last Monday and these little guys are growing and thriving.  They have just gone up on AARCS adoption website. It took me 4 days to get pictures good enough to show their personalities to go on the website.  BRUTAL!  And the sun didn't co-operate as much as the weather forecast indicated it would.  It's really hard to get pictures of black dogs with black eyes because in poor light their eyes disappear and they sort of look like sightless zombie dogs.  Eeewwwww!

The whole gang;

And here's the roll call;

Samba is a petite girl with delicate features.  While she will grow to be a medium size dog, she will be on the smaller side of medium.  She has a very sweet nature but can be a little timid which will be eliminated as she has new experiences in the wide, wonderful world.  She is a quiet dog who loves to play!

 Jive's border collie markings makes him look like he is wearing a little tuxedo!  His ears stand straight up and he reminds us of Fred Astaire dancing so elegantly with Ginger Rogers!  He has a particular affection for people and is always on the go.  He is confident and loves being outside playing in the snow - who are we kidding?  He just loves to play!

 Dance is a real beauty, taking more after the lab side of her family tree.  She is extremely sweet tempered with a mild nature and has lovely manners.  Dance loves to cuddle and would happily stay in your lap all day, which could be interesting once she is full grown!  She is playful and very gentle.

Tango is such a darling girl.  Her coat has recently started to change and has an amazing silvery glow to it.  She really loves to play and her favourite game is fetch.  Tango is quite the little cuddler and is content to have her tummy rubbed.

Salsa looks just like Samba except that she is the bigger sister.  She has a delicate face and fine bone structure.  She is a curious girl and is more confident than her little identical sister.  Salsa is playful and has a quiet, sweet disposition.

 Chacha is so different from the rest of her litter.  Her looks are the most obvious way that she is different - from her brown ear down to her single blue eye.  She is a real looker and she knows it!  It is fun to watch her 'pose' as she concentrates on something intently.  She looks like a show dog taking her stand and especially when her tail curls over her back.  Chacha is confident and very independent.  She demonstrates timidity in new situations but will out grow this tendency with experience.

Disco is one of our favourite little guys in this litter.  He is very social and extremely loyal.  It is a lot of fun to turn him on his tummy and give him a belly rub because as we baby talk to him, he will gurgle and talk back to us!  Disco is very intelligent and has border collie intuitiveness in abundance!  He loves to please and has so much love to give.

Hip Hop wears a tuxedo a lot like Jive, but has the same silver glow to his coat as Tango.  He is another enthusiastic little biddy in this litter and really loves to play.  He has a nice disposition and is a clever little guy who needs some reminders at dinner time to show some manner.  Hip Hop is all about fun!!

Popper is so sweet.  When he came to us he was so sick he had trouble keeping puppy formula down.  For the first few days, we weren't sure if he would make it or not.  We are thankful that Popper is growing and doing so well.  he is a very cuddly little boy and has lovely puppy manners.  He is gentle and not at all dominant but he is still quite confident.  He likes nothing more than to have his tummy rubbed and he is so cute when he is being held cradled like a baby! 

 And finally, who can really comprehend the mind of a puppy.  This is, apparently, the most fascinating rock evah! 


i {heart} papers said...

They are adorable!!! You did such a great job with them. You're really an angel.

Cindy said...

I have looked at these little faces about 10 times today. I was going to wait until the summer or next year to put in an adoption application, but I sent one in today. They are precious!

Conniecrafter said...

Always so neat to see how they have grown, you got some great pics of them, I am sure it won't be long and they will have homes to go to, just adorable!

Stamping Becky said...

Those puppies look very happy and healthy! I bet they were bounding with excess energy that day. They are so adorable. Your hard work was well worth it.

Clare said...

Hi, Loretta! Your puppies are so cute! I love the Shelties! I was looking into the lice for you. This site has some info: - 65k and Your vet should be able to furnish this to you. If you are grooming them, just be sure to clean your combs and brushes good, by soaking in alcohol or bleach. I hope this helps, Loretta!

Bernadette said...

I just adopted Salsa and she is cute and just awesome.

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