Sunday, December 12, 2010

AARCS - It's a Happy Dance

We had our latest litter delivered to us yesterday.  Stinkiest little critters EVAH!  They were seized by our provincial SCPA, but due to by-laws, they couldn't take the mom as well.  Our puppies have been in custody for a week, and while the humane society they came from have good hearts, they don't quite know what to do with puppies.  Having puppies so young in custody without a mom isn't common, but that's where my mom skills come in. 

 My little guys are sick.  They are very round wormy, covered head to toe with lice and fleas and they are having trouble with food.  They have violent diarrhea and some of them can't keep the puppy formula down.  They are frightfully thin and are a little under developed.  I peg them at 4 weeks old because of all the teeth they have and the length of their nails.  From experience, I know that these guys will catch up with growth and development once they have a week or two of good food in them.  They won't have a lifetime of challenge because their beginning was so rough.

HOWEVER, they are sweet and have very nice temperaments.  They are super fluffy which hides the malnourishment and the parasitical critters.  They liked their bath and since their coats are so fluffy, we had to blow dry them or their downy under coats would take forever to dry and they would be really uncomfortable from the damp.  They didn't mind the warm air from the blow dryer either.

They are living in an X-pen with a tarp and blankets under them in my laundry room.  Once they don't need so much bathing and I am able to see they are healthier, they will move to the dog run.

Right now, they are all just exhausted from getting as much good nutrition as they have and the hair styling they have received.  They fall asleep while eating, while being towel dried, while their nails were cut, and while being cuddled.  This one fell asleep immediately after being blow dried when he placed his head between my daughter's hands;

There are 4 boys and 5 girls in the litter and we'll name them Samba, Salsa, Tango, Jive, Popper, HipHop, Disco, ChaCha and Dance.

If you have a pet, and you have read our fostering journey, give your pet a treat and make sure they know they are loved.  For more information on our journey, click here.


Anonymous said...

How very lucky these little guys and gals are!

Mari said...

You do such amazing things with needy dogs/puppies. We went Thursday and adopted a dog from the local Humane Society. She's a lovely dog, quite well mannered, but shy and easily spooked. Honestly, I think the previous family must have hit her (judging by her reactions - or should I say *overreactions*?!) but I can't imagine WHY.
We're only a few days into this, and I know it will probably get harder, but it's such an amazing feeling! Those little guys *need* you - Lila *needs* us. How fabulous that we're both able (and willing) to provide!

Conniecrafter said...

Wow it sounds like your going to be very busy during the holidays just keeping up with them, they are just too cute!

Stamping Becky said...

Those pups are so sweet and adorable! I guess your Christmas will be busier than usual, but much more rewarding.

HappyCrafter said...

Ah, so sad to think such adorable babies would be so uncared for and need to be taken away from their home, and so heartwarming to know that you have been able to open you home to them. They are very sweet looking, and I think you are doing a very special thing.

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