Sunday, August 1, 2010

CHA Peeks and Pics! Day 1

For all you subscribers, please note that I will be posting everyday until I run out of CHA pictures.  Don't let this drive you crazy in your inbox; be patient and I'll get back to my regular posting schedule soon.  In addition, I'll have a new avatar, watermark and blog banner in the near future so come on by my blog and peek at the renovations once they are done.  I'll have some blog candy for one lucky person who leaves a comment once we blow away the sawdust from the construction!

My CHA posts will be mostly pictures.  I'm sure you are fully capable of making decisions about what you will see, and I doubt you want my opinion on the product.  *grin*  So, hold on to your shorts 'cause CHA was one wild, fantastic ride!!!

Guess who had the booth *uber* close to the entrance?!!!

And here's pictures of all the new Basic Grey coming your way in your LSS or online store this fall;

The Curio Collection;

The Jovial Collection;

The Marjolaine Collection;

The Pyrus Collection;

The Wander Collection;

Tomorrow, I'll post my favourite booth, simply because I can't keep it under wraps for long!!!

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