Monday, December 29, 2008

AARCS - Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society

My family has started on a new venture. We are fostering rescued dogs. This is Bree. She's a mom with 2 puppies. When she arrived Friday night, she was very emaciated and her milk was almost dried up. She had prolific diarrhea. PROLIFIC I'm not sure how to tell you how she was behaving. It was like she was in shock. I know she was scared. We bathed her the next morning, and that was amazing! She was filthy. She has lice. She is missing the end portion of her tail, but I couldn't find any signs of recent trauma. She freaked out when the water turned on. During her half hour bath she relaxed. By the end, she relaxed so much that she laid down in the tub with the warm water coursing over her and she closed her eyes.

It's 72 hours later and already she is starting to fill out. Her hips aren't so prominent. By mid-morning today she had a solid bm. I got quite emotional at the sight. As of late yesterday morning her milk was coming back in. Her personality is starting to come out now. She is quite firm in her ideas. Just try telling her she can't climb in the sink where the water source is! She is submissive and a good mom.
This is Whisper. She is one of Bree's puppies. Of the two puppies, she is about half the size of the other puppy. A darling little runt. She loves being cuddled and spoken to. She has the funniest little waddle and we laugh when she tries to run. She discovered she likes puppy kibble mixed with rice and egg. Until this morning, she had been avoiding the hard food.

This is Whisper on my DD's lap.

This is Pudge. He has filled out nicely since he arrived. He looks like a polar bear cub as he runs around. He doesn't like being cuddled, but tolerates it. He's an independant roamer and he really is huge compared to his sister. And he plays hard -- a typical BOY!

We'll have this little family for about a month before they find their forever families.


Faith W. said...

Hi Loretta! what adorable puppies and such a sweet mother. I heard you wanted to start fostering. Yvonne has the cutest 2 puppies right now. We thoroughly enjoyed them at Christmas.
Happy New Year!

Tammie in SOuthern Minnesota said...

Bless you and your family hearts for being a foster home to dogs. We have two dogs that we adopted from the pet shelter here in Southern Minnesota. We just love dogs and it feels so good to provide a loving and caring home to dogs in need. Thanks for sharing your wonderful stories and your wonderful creative cards. :)
Tammie in Southern MN

Brenda M. said...

Thanks for the encouraging comment on my SC card. From that I have now added you to my Google Reader. Fabulous blog. I am very much a dog lover and find such joy in what you and your family are doing.

Crafty Creations by Cindy and Maria said...

I found your blog through SCS glitter card and I was drawn to your puppy rescue pictures. I also do a lot of puppy/dog rescue (but have been unable to foster yet)...hopefully soon! Just wanted to THANK YOU for taking in these furkids!!!!
Also.....your work is beautiful!

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