Saturday, August 9, 2008

So, this is the basement under the stairs. My fabric stash. This isn't even all of it. I have to be honest, I'm not sure where the rest of it is, but I'll find it as we finish wading through boxes. My DD told me I really need to get sewing, at which point I reminded her, she promised to help... I haven't received another reminder since. ;)

This is my closet. It was in the house pre-us. When we viewed this house, and I opened the double doors to this closet, I gasped. Honestly, can you blame me?!!! Sheesh, it's a happy place and a thing of beauty!

A close-up of my desk. Nothing special really. But I have great plans that DH knows nothing about that he will help with if I ask. *LOL!*

Yup, boxes. Lots of boxes. It's a big room, but once we moved in both my desks the room shrunk! This is my split personality - stamping at one end, sewing at the other. And I have a south facing window here so lots of natural light all year long! {insert contented sigh}
And the OTHER closet. This is a huge space at the back of my room that is the only place in the whole house that isn't developed yet. I've asked my dad to help me develop this room and put shelves in so my fabric doesn't have to sit under the stairs. Oh GOSH!!!! Can you believe it?!!! At every turn, it feels like this house was built just for us. I don't want to move for a very LONG time.

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