Friday, August 3, 2007

Dare to Get Dirty Challenge

I {{{{{heart}}}}} Anna Wight. This is for SweetMissDaisy's challenge. A pet card. A card for a pet, or a thank-you for a pet, or a birthday for a pet, or for taking care of a pet - you get the picture. I have the Zoofari set. Hmmm - no pet snakes, rhinos, leopards, zebras, cranes or monkeys. Bundled in Love - no pet giraffes or bears. You see where I'm going with this right? My Bad! No real pet stamps. Who doesn't have just one kittie or dog stamp?! Apparently someone who has multiple musical manuscript background stamps.
WAIT A MINUTE!!!! My other company stamp box! I have a cutie-patootie turtle that would work. I love him! I watercoloured him on whisper white cardstock. Don't do this if you are after a clean traditional watercolour look - it'll never happen because the paper absorbs the colour too quickly and the open time to move the colour around is just not there. The colour gets blotchy quickly - which is just what the shell needed. I used my sakura clear glaze pens on the shell plates and it looks very cool up-close-and-personal.
I had a layout in mind for this little guy. I battled with it for ages. The paper is directional and everything was cut and glued. It didn't work until I turned everything on the side. Now, the birds walk up. I know, - 'darlin' that is just too anal! don't worry about a crazy bird!' I covered the really BIG bird walking up the card with the martha stewart twill ribbon. That guy was REALLY obvious! *snort*

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Becky G (tggrfriend) said...

What a fun card, Loretta!

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