Friday, September 24, 2010

AARCS - Orphan Update

 Doc being bottle fed at 11 days old.

I just love it when puppies sleep and they look like they are hugging.  The puppies are 2 weeks old.

 Puppy pile!  The puppies lived in a little wading pool in our laundry room because we could easily maintain a high temperature in that room so the puppies were comfy and didn't get cold.

 This is Sneezy (the big puppy) and Dopey (the runt).  Isn't the size difference remarkable?!!!

 Sneezy and Dopey stayed together most of the time.

The rest of these pictures are from this morning;

 The action shot.  Yup, I love my job!  These guys are active, going concerns now and this is a typical shot of what goes on at my feet.

This is Doc now.  He's fluffy and all sorts of wonderful.  Most of the puppies in this litter have blue grey eyes.  There's got to be husky in the gene pool somewhere!!!

 The group shot.  There is one black puppy missing - he was chewing on my foot...

 This is Happy.  Isn't he just, though!  Happy, I mean.

 Check out that spectacular eye colour!

 Me and Dopey.  Since these puppies were handled so much from the time they arrived with me at 2 days old, they all love to cuddle and settle in so well.  Besides, I'm the MAMA!!!

 And this is Sneezy - the big boy!  There isn't such a dramatic size difference between Dopey and Sneezy anymore, and they are still the best pals.  Isn't Sneezy quite spectacular looking?  Proud mama speaking here.

And this is the only girl in the litter - Snow White.  She is lovely and has delicate princess manners.  I had a rhinestone bracelet on her as a collar the other day, and she was so pretty! 

They go for their first shots tomorrow and then they will have their surgeries.  After that, they will be on the AARCS website for adoption.  *sigh*  They get big so fast!


{Lynn - that's me!} said...

I don't know how you do it Loretta. I would want to keep every one of these sweethearts. They are so precious and how lucky they are to have such a great start provided by you. Adorable photographs...I could just "awwwwwwwwwww" all afternoon looking at these.

velta said...

Hi Loretta ~ Oh my how I love to visit when you post puppy and dog pics...These are exceptionally adorable...I love them all...I would have to KEEP them all. I have looked at these pics for at least 20 minutes over and over...I love dogs!!! Thank you for sharing :)

HappyCrafter said...

Ah, they are all so sweet and it is obvious you care a lot and take good care of them, I'm so glad there are folks like you to watch out for little ones like this.

Amanda Sewell said...

Hey Loretta, I was looking through my Facebook memories and saw that you still have your blog. Giggs "Murderface" Sewell (Doc) is doing really well! He's grown so much even since the last pics I sent you. He's so full of personality and is helping to keep Rocko (our 15 year old ) rotti-chowchow young. It makes me so happy to look back at the pictures of them when they first met. It's hard to believe it's been 5 years. I can't thank you enough for taking care of these pups. Also, he is still a huge cuddler. He still insists on laying in me , yup all 85lbs on his back with the stick legs in the air.

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