Friday, August 13, 2010

AARCS Update - No such thing as free time!

We've had this mama dog (Sadie Hawkins) since I got back from CHA.  She is super sweet, but timid, like most of our rescues.  I think she's not a year old yet and she has been an awesome mom!  This morning, there was nothing to clean up in the pen, but by noon, she had declared the puppies weaned and wasn't cleaning up after them anymore!  Doesn't she have the most amazing gold eyes?

And the puppy line-up...

Betty Boop - she's sweet and MASSIVE and isn't real keen on being held because she's an independent kinda gal!

Cupie Doll - get a load of her blue eyes!!!

Emmy Lou - The quiet one of the bunch, but boy is she a going concern.  It was tough to catch her on camera.

Little Lulu - She's the runt and full of spit an vinegar!  She is so tiny, and yes, those are her rear feet tucked up in my daughter's hand!

Blondie Bumstead - she's a real sweetie and the lighter of the 2 blonde-ish puppies.

Olive Oyl - she has the darker face and is more out going than Blondie, and this girl is all mouth - teething, of course!

I got a phone call this morning that there was a new emergency that came up, and would I be willing to let Sadie Hawkins and her girls go to save another desperate litter?  Need they even ask?!!!  Tonight, I answered my door and another volunteer came up my front walk carrying a little basket with 7 puppies in it.  These babies lost their mom yesterday, when they were only a day old.  She was attacked by some other dogs and killed.  The tragedy of the situations my fosters come from break my heart, and that's the part I hate, but being able to help like we do makes me love what we do.  My daughter sat at the table tonight and told me she loves her job (she sees working with our foster dogs as a job she enjoys and takes very seriously).  Honestly, we'll see at 2am-ish when we get up to feed these puppies!  There are 4 black (boys) and 3 white (2 boys and a girl) puppies.  This is how we spent our evening;

Have a lovely evening, and wish us luck!  What do you think of the 7 dwarfs for names?


i {heart} papers said...

OH.MY.GOSH. I am in love with that little black one with blue eyes. I am so lucky I don't live near you. I would have a house full of dogs for sure.

And such a sad story. I know you'll take good care of those babies. You're the next best thing to their real Momma.

velta said...

Oh my you are a wonderful the very least...quite loving...I would have a yard full of these babies if it were possible...I almost cried when I read about the mom that are amazing girl!

Jennifer Scull said...

these pups are all so adorable. I would want each and every one of them.... how could anyone ever say no to those precious bundles of love? you are something special indeed - both you and your daughter. :)

Lori said...

These puppies are so lucky to have you and your family to care for them! I don't know how you do it--Chloe the cutie puppy nearly does me in all by herself.

Anonymous said...


Loretta Lock said...

No, we don't breed dogs. If you had read my post you would know that I am a foster home for some of the sickest and most abused dogs in my area. I 'supervise' when mom dogs are whelping in case they run into trouble, I take orphaned litters and I take moms with their litters. I have fostered more than 200 dogs to date. It's unfortunate that you didn't read what I wrote about my foster dogs and simply assumed I was a backyard breeder.

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