Saturday, May 22, 2010

AARCS Update - Tiger

I know what they say about pitbulls.  I've seen news reports, seen the graphic pictures of pitbulls attacks on adults and children alike.  Those reports made me afraid of pitbulls until I saw, 'The Dog Whisperer' with Cesar Milan, then I was just nervous.  2 weeks ago, a pitbull cross moved in and my nervous evaporated!

This is Tiger.  She has the most amazing brindle coat I've ever seen. 

Quite aptly named, eh?!!!  And this coat is awesome for hide an go seek!

Except she can't hide very well!  Check out the belly on this girl!!!  Last Wednesday, it was amazing to see her belly grow through the day.  I think she's about done and will birth by Monday at the latest... but I could be wrong.  I always add that since I thought Romy would have 5-6 puppies and then she had nine!!!  I still don't know where she hid them all!

I've never seen a dog smile with their eyes as much as Tiger does.  When she's happy, she squinches up her eyes like she's smiling.  It is very endearing!  She has been my little brindle shadow for the last 2 weeks until a day or two ago.  She is starting to have trouble navigating the stairs and, quite frankly, she's tired and uncomfortable!

Tiger is an absolute doll!  She tries to play, but is starting to have trouble getting around with that big belly of hers.  My tiny sheltie just loves her and keeps trying to play, but Tiger really isn't interested right now.

With this belly though, Tiger's just not really up to playing and chasing and wrestling.  These pictures were taken yesterday, and her belly is even bigger today!

While my daughter was out taking these pictures of Tiger for me, she was playing with my camera and took these wonderful pictures;

I think I see some talent here!  And may I just say, I really love spring!  Our yard smells like heaven because I've got 5 fruit trees in blossom right now.  There are many bees out there right now which unnerves my one DD that was stung by a bee when she was quite young.  Still, I'm looking forward to the fruit in the fall, and we are thoroughly enjoying the beauty of sight and smell right now.

I wish you a restful weekend!  And I hope I can show you puppy pictures in very short order!


marsha said...

Tiger is just adorable! She does have a very kind and loving expression. I hope everything goes well with the delivery! And I think your daughter took some marvelous photos!
Hugs, Marsha

Cassie said...

i think it's just great how you foster these dogs and puppies.
love the flowers - i love when the background gets all fuzzy. hopefully someday i'll have a "fancier" camera and can get that look!

Velta said...

Tiger is just beautiful...I cannot wait for this ordeal to be over with for her sake! Please post puppy pics! Your daughter is obviously a natural with the camera...these photos are breathtaking!

Joseline said...

Thanks for sharing Tiger's story. Can't wait to see her pups.

Your daughter has an amazing eye. The pictures are beautiful!!

i {heart} papers said...

Oh Tiger is beautiful! And those flowers! WOW! I'm jealous!

AMIT said...

Wow beautiful pictures.

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