Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sugar Creek Hollow preview

Hmm... I just discovered this morning that I made a major ubitz this week - I missed the Sugar Creek Hollow inaugural design team hop. I'm still not sure how I did that, except I can't find my link to the design team calendar... Not in my history OR my bookmarks. AND the card I have for you isn't the quilt set I was supposed to use... *sigh* some weeks are just like that - KWIM?!!! Please, take some time and look at the spectacular projects my SCH stamping friends have made for your enjoyment by using the links on my sidebar.

I'll have some terrific quilt projects for you this coming week though, I promise, in both paper and fabric. Slowly but surely I'm getting my sewing back in line which has been a major part of my life for years. Bridal season is coming so quickly, and I've already got a dress and a wedding party lined up for May and June along with a grad dress that I am making for a very special friend. *grin*

The puppies are growing SO FAST and I want to get some new pictures up of them in short order. I just discovered yesterday that Cassiopoeia is a HIM!!! I must have quickly lifted the same puppy twice while checking. I haven't made that mistake before... So, for the litter, we officially have 7 boys, and 2 girls. The 2 girls are the 2 biggest and loudest puppies too - Gemini and Venus - which makes it easy to spot them.

So, that said, you know more about me for those who have popped by from Sugar Creek Hollow. Here is my card for the Feature Stamper challenge on OCC;

I cased this card by Laurie Tirone (HamiltonGal). I had to flip her sketch on its side to accommodate this precious sentiment. I kept the background texture that was in the original card and the simple colour layers that Laurie has along with her ribbon placement. Her card is go'jus!!!

For the record - I love my Bow Easy and use it all the time. HOWEVER, this martha stewart twill ribbon I used and my Bow Easy do not get along, and I don't recommend using them together. This ribbon doesn't have enough give to make a pretty bow - it turns out kind of boxy and gross. Use a more flexible, forgiving ribbon.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!!!


Joseline said...

This is so beautiful Loretta!! I love the Simplicity of the card.

Joan Ervin said...

I saw this in SCS and was sooo blown away!!! I just love the piercing you did in the corners and the scripture is beautiful!!!!

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