Saturday, January 30, 2010

AARCS - Our new Puppies

When all was said and done, the score is black puppies 5, brown puppies 4. Yup, she's got to feed 9 puppies. I started hand feeding Romy for a couple of reasons. First, I NEED her to trust me and, for some dogs, food can fast track that process. So far, it's working for Romy. She is starting to roll on her back for me, indicating that she is submitting and trusts me. THIS IS HUGE!!! Second, she's been too tired to get up and eat. I left a bowl of kibble for her, but she wasn't getting up to eat. I added some left over chicken stew so she couldn't resist, and voila, her milk came in heavy last night.

I've had a couple of people contact me, asking how to donate to our rescue organization. On the left side bar of my blog, there is a button that is linked to our rescue organization's website (AARCS). You can then click on the 'How you can Help' on the website on the upper right hand side. A drop down menu will some up and at the very bottom of the drop down is the link to donate. In advance, I thank you so much for your help with these precious creatures!!!

I haven't checked many of the puppies yet, but so far, I haven't seen any girls in the bunch. There's got to be ONE! If Romy is willing, I'll check them all today and we'll start naming them. That is always so much FUN!!! As of this morning, the puppies are about 2 1/2 times bigger than when they were born. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly they grow!

This little guy ( I know he's a male) is the runt. He's awfully sweet, and he seems to keep getting lost in the kennel. He gets all turned around and separated from the rest of the litter (dog pile!) and he's LOUD. Yup, I love my 'job'.

**edit** I was able to pick up puppies late this morning without upsetting anything and here is the run down;

1 black girl
4 black boys - the big one is named Hercules and the black male runt is Quasar
2 brown girls - the little girl is called Casseopia
2 brown boys - the little one is Orion.

I'll do a full name run down once we are done with all the names.


Silke Ledlow said...

AWWWWW - Congrats on your new little additons!!! The puppies are super cute!!! So happy Romy trust you now!!!

Enjoy your puppies as long as you can!!! Hugs ~S~

Jenny Gropp said...

oh my. oh my!
So sweet, Loretta and you are amazing to nuture these furry friends when they so need human kindness!

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