Monday, March 2, 2009

It's never so good that it can't get better...

Jasper is such a squinty eyed puppy. I just can't believe I got a good shot of him all wide eyed and bushy tailed. With his eyes wide open, he's absolutely darling!
Okay, now honestly, what kids WOULDN'T find this to be their perfect happy place?!!!! The puppies are big enough now that when we go in to clean up, feed and play, we get swarmed by puppies. This picture isn't a set-up. My DD sat on the towel, and the puppies ran for her and settled in all over her legs. We had a hard time getting them all off so she could stand up.
A darling friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer, as I have said before. I made her this card for when I went to see her last week. She's taking it to her next treatment as one of her strength touchstones. I'm telling you, she is much stronger than I am, and I love her dearly!

Flood update;

Well, things aren't so bad they couldn't be worse, and they aren't so good they couldn't get better.

All my new flooring had to come up. *sigh* I didn't think it was wet under there, but their moisture reader indicated moisture and sure enough when they pulled up my floor, it was wet underneath. We have several big noisy fans and 2 dehumidifiers that will be going for a couple of days. It was a clean water flood, so they didn't need to pull up the nasty industrial carpet, just my beautiful new laminate. I won't have my room for a month. *sigh*

I didn't loose as much paper and books as I originally thought. Huge sigh of relief there! We have good insurance, so this is all a little easier to take - after the deductible of course. The emergency clean up crew found mouse poo in the insulation. Hmmm... new or really old? That's the first we've seen of mice. Keeping an eye on that, fer sher! I get my room painted, covered by the insurance. Yay! because right now it's a colour that I can't honestly tell you if it is grey, or purple, or something else. None of those colours float my boat, so I'm going for paint chips. It's a small consolation, all things being equal.

So, while it's not all good, it could have been so very much worse. And I get new paint...

Hope your week got off to a wonderful start!!!


Anonymous said...

Your puppies are absolutely adorable! So sweet!

Deb said...

Awww! Those puppies are so scrumptious! What a wiggly cuddly crew!

I'm so relieved to hear that you didn't lose all your gorgeous paper! So sorry that you will have to stamp elsewhere for a whole month though! Thinking of you GF!

Paper in the Works said...

Sorry to hear that you are having all of those problems! Loretta, could you please email me at I have a question and I couldn't find a place to email you :) Thanks so much!



Stephanie Lanzalotto said...

Loretta, can you please tell me where you got the stamp on the card for your friend? Stephanie

Joanne Travis said...

Hi Loretta, hope you are hanging in there with your water clean up. So much of our expense was drying out the walls. Sheesh, I should go into the fan rental business :)
I was checking out the pics of your puppies, how cute are they!!! I would want to keep them all. A friend of mine just sent an e-mail about someone she knows that has two Labs for adoption, one chocolate and the other yellow. They looked so darned cute in the picture but my husband wasn't going for it. We already have a black lab mix and he thinks that's all we need. I'm a sucker for a cute furry face and the big brown eyes but he's probably right.
Have a great weekend!

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