Thursday, March 26, 2009

AARCS Jewelry Day

I know what many of these gorgeous, adorable dogs will be renamed with wonderful names when they go to their forever families, but for the sake of my sanity, I am calling them by our names for now so I can keep everything straight. You know what I am talking about - some days I can't keep my kids names straight!

Diamond is such a beautiful, gentle dog! She has been amazing with her puppies and always has a warm, friendly greeting for all who come in to our garage. Her forever family has visited frequently, so she is convinced that everyone who comes is coming to see her. What a darling!!

I know Jasper is in the front and Topaz is in the back, but I have no idea who got caught in the middle of this traffic jam! These are some seriously busy puppies!!!

Jasper found a crab apple left over from last year's crop. You will not see any running pictures of this little bear. I can't even begin to describe how funny he looks when he tries to lope along.
Do you see this cutie patootie curly tail!!!!!!!!!!! He's the only one with it. He's the biggest fuzziest of the puppies and he really cannot run yet. But boy can he cuddle!!!! He was made to cuddle and snuggle - that is the sole purpose of his existence right now, and I love it!

I can't tell you how hard it was to get a good shot of Copper. I would get the camera trained on him, get the focus just right and before I could press the button, he was GONE! I was using my ZOOM lens, so I couldn't even find him. I'd look up and he was ACROSS the yard, tackling someone or something. We tied him down for this one shot and then milliseconds after this, he squirmed out of DD's arms.

Here's the girls. They kind of stick together, and, like, always got to the loo together. They share the closed crate at night so those, like, stinky boys can air in the open crate. The boys down shower enough, I guess. {as an aside - get a load of Pearl's tiny little pink footie there!!! TOO STINKIN' CUTE!!!! *sigh* I love my life...}

Is she not a beauty?!! We'd been outside awhile already and Pearl has some frost on her whiskers. She loves to eat snow! Oh gosh! It was fun to watch her play with hunks of snow and ice. I'm amazed by her face markings and I was hoping her nose would stay freckled, but I think it's going to turn black after all!

Diamond came on the deck, and Pearl hot footed it over to see what all the hulla ballo was about. It turned out to be a hunk of ice - happy day!!

I have no idea why Topaz looks like she got hit in the face with a snowball!!! She is walking carefully on the snow because if she sinks, the snow is past her belly.

Jewel was trying to get on the deck the grown up way! She is so soft and fuzzy, but no where near as big as Jasper. When we put the puppies in their pen, Jasper goes in and we think - holy shamolies, who put the lead in your pants! and then we pick up Jewel, and it's like lifting air after Jasper!!!

It's never flattering to catch a girl cleaning up after herself!

She has such a darling face. Jewel is a little huntress and has been know to tackle her brothers and often enlists the help of Topaz to really get the boys.

Topaz is just motoring through the snow. They have been thoroughly enjoying the snow from the significant storm that came through last Sunday.

Okay, I caught Copper in one decent action shot. ONE! He was a blur in every other picture.

This was the best! Diamond can RUN!!!!! She's dried up beautifully and was running full out across two large yards. She mowed a couple of the puppies as they were chasing her and everone was playing. It was a perfect picture of doggie JOY!

Topaz was trying desperately to keep up with Diamond. The pristine snowfall in my neighbour's yard has been completely criss crossed with doggie racing tracks (THANK-YOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS TO US CATHY!!!!)

The puppies are big enough for their collars and all of them will be spayed and neutered starting next Monday. We'll keep taking them out as much as we can until Monday, and then as they are feeling up to it next week. Holy shamolies!!!! 10 days or so left with these beautiful creatures that have brought so much joy into our lives. {insert contented sigh here}


i {heart} papers said...

They look so great! You're truly an angel. You're going to be so sad to say goodbye but there is no way they would have made it without your love.

Meredith said...

they have gotten so big!!!! Such adorable pups, they are very lucky to have had you to care for them when they needed it. I know you will miss them dearly but they will be SO happy in their forever homes...and all because you gave them a great start. Thanks for sharing these little cuties with us!!!

Jenny Gropp said...

oh my! those pups are too much! I think Pearl is my fav! Great pics!

Beth S said...

They are just to cute. Kudoo's to you and your family for a job well done and hearts of gold. It's true what they say. Angels do walk among us everyday. All we have to do is look beside us.

carol h said...

Had to comment on the beautiful pictures of the pups and their mom. I have been following this since their birth, and they are just BEAUTIFUL. Many blessings to you and your family for rescueing this wonderful furry family and giving them a chance to bring joy to a few more families. You are truly a blessing!!!

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