Wednesday, January 7, 2009

AARCS Update

This is a new picture of Bree. She's gained about 15lbs since we got her 11 days ago. She's not at all emaciated anymore. We are sure she isn't more than 1 year old yet.
Isn't she a beauty? Bree is so playful now that she is feeling better. We got a lot of lice off her and the puppies yesterday. The details are kinda gross, so I'll spare you. REALLY GROSS.
Pudge is on the left and Whisper is on the right. I think they have nearly doubled their size since they arrived. Pudge can wear a collar now, but Whisper is still too small for it. When they were at the vet last Saturday, Pudge weighed twice as much as Whisper.
Whisper was not at all impressed at being outside. She hid in a dog kennel when we opened the big garage door to get them outside for a bit. The chinook that was forecasted for today didn't happen, but it was not as cold out as when they were rescued.
It's all about timing. Bree yawned when I took this photo.
This is the best picture to show the size difference between the puppies. I keep telling Pudge that I think when he grows up, he'll be a horse!
Too stinkin' cute!
Pudge is carrying a little hunk of snow in his mouth. He was fine with being outside. It's the Pudge factor!!!!!


i {heart} papers said...

So cute!!! Your real kids must be loving all these fur babies!

Diamondangelfish said...

They look way better than they did on the weekend! Too cute! Pudge looks like he has a bully stance in the one photo. Maybe daddy added some Pit Bull into the mix? It's great to see them out & about & the kids get to enjoy them now.

Kimberley said...

Oh my gosh, they look healthy and happy! Love works miracles!

lexie C said...

Barricade (FKA Pudge) Is well Unfortunately the adopted home no longer wanted him and gave him away after two years but now he is with me! He is very beautiful. :)

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