Saturday, January 31, 2009

AARCS - the puppies have arrived!!!!

This was the only picture I was only willing to take of the new puppies. Diamond was a little disturbed with this one picture, so I'll take a few more tomorrow when they are moved to their new birthing box. Right now there are 5 puppies for certain, but I may discover tomorrow that there is one more.

Diamond did so well. I strongly suspected last night that there would be puppies this morning. There is this one black one, the tan one that I caught its rump in the photo and three creamy white puppies. 2 and a half puppies were born when I went out to check on Diamond first thing this morning. Then in the 50 minutes I was with her, she birthed 2 more white ones.

While Diamond hasn't been as much work as Bree and her puppies were, I know the work load is going to increase a little once those babies are bigger.


{pam} said...

how fun . . . i love new puppies!!!!! i have been through 3 litters and would love to have more! the last one, my momma dog ended up with urinary tract and mammory gland infections 4 days after they were born. had to bottle feed 11 puppies . . . whew . . . that was a job . . . but soooo much fun! enjoy the new babies!!!

carol h said...

Congratulations on your new arrivals. You are to be blessed for taking in these beautiful creatures. Thank you. they are just beautiful, wish I could have them all.

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