Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AARCS - a big mama is in da house

I'll post a picture tomorrow. A rescue organization ran out of space for pregnant dogs, so AARCS was contacted. Right before supper I got a call from the AARCS co-ordinator asking if I could take a pregnant female. Well, except what about the female we have right now? She will be spayed next week. So, POOR co-ordinator. She did this mega shuffle to re-arrange dogs so two of the AARCS volunteers could take the pregnant dogs. I got one and Bree went to a new foster home who will help her recover from her surgery.

We have a mama dog in da house now. We just found evidence of fleas. Hmmm... Never dealt with fleas on a pregnant dog before. I'll know more about deworming during pregnancy tomorrow. So as I was checking her over, I had a chance to touch her belly. She is huge!!!!!! There are MANY puppies in there. She waddles a couple of steps and sits. I'm expecting this litter will be whelped in the next week or so. This mama is so gentle. She's not emaciated like Bree was. There is no information on her at all. Totally normal with a rescue dog. She is beautiful and so soft - a wonderful downy coat. We named her Diamond for the diamond she has high on her forehead. I'll post pics tomorrow.

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veronica said...

can't wait to see pics of puppies. they can always make me smile.

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