Thursday, January 29, 2009

AARCS - Big mama Diamond

We have a dog crate/kennel that AARCS gave us on loan when they delivered Bree and her puppies last December. It was a little small for Bree, but it was serviceable for the length of time she spent in it going to and from the vet.

This morning I looked at the door to the kennel and then I looked at Diamond and I nearly LMBO! There is no way she will ever fit through that door being as pregnant as she is. It's all good - I'm getting a larger kennel tomorrow. For today though, it's really funny. This poor girl waddles all over the place. She only peed once through the night, and no stool yet - what a change from the last 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! We are taking her outside frequently to give her every opportunity to potty outside because there is every possibility she might be house trained.

This poor girl is going no where fast. Everything about her is antithesis to our last grown up foster dog. She's not emaciated. She's not all over the place with loads of energy. She is young as well, but I don't think she is as young as Bree. We'll learn more about her once she trusts us a bit more. I'll keep you posted.
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