Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wow!!! 9 whole days since I posted? Holy shamolies!!!! Funny how Christmas and then the post Christmas stuff kinda gets in the way of stamping sometimes, eh?

I love this little gnome guy! I think I need a better camera, but I'm grateful for the one I have. I won this set of Knobbly Gnomes off an AUCTION SITE *wink* because I've been kicking myself since it was retired last June. Now I'm patting myself on the back because I got it cheaper than I would have last June. SAH-WEET!!!!!

I had a stamping event yesterday and today - I KNOW!!!! What was I thinking right between Christmas and New Year's to have an event that several of my ladies asked for, signed up for and were thrilled to bits about because it was an afternoon just for them between Christmas and New Year's. *insert wave to all the ladies I truly, TRULY appreciate!!!* I was happy as a clam to prep so many cards, because these ladies of mine are wonderful. They are my friends (first) and my customers (second) and they really bless my life!

As a treat for me, I blew the dust off my *kiss* Fabriano Mediovalis *hug* and stamped this little guy just because he makes me smile. I watercoloured him (even though this paper is so stinkin' thirsty it's tough to do!!!) because watercolouring makes me smile. I need to remember to watercolour more. I need to remember to request more hours in the day, or more days in the week... *sigh* I used my adirondack re-inkers - I adore these things!!! The colours are so deep and just the right touch of muddy, or maybe just deep. I used the finest tip felt pen (micron .005) to add a little pointilism shading to the strawberry seeds and under the leaves. I used my distress inks to sponge a bit on the lower edge. That was not my intent... I got this one teeny tiny dot of Tea Dye on my Fabriano Mediovalis while I was re-inking my stamp pad. *sob* I thought my cutie patootie gnome was far enough away to be safe, and was appalled to discover that one little dot along the bottom edge. But, true to screw-up form, I really over did the edge that baby, and now I can barely see the ubitz! And it does add a little character to the card...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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Vicki said...

I love this gnome! You did an amazing job watercoloring. That's something I'd like to learn how to do - any tips???

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