Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy December!!!

I received Build A Bouquet in the mail last Friday (Thank-you so much Kim!!!!!) and had time to play this morning. I've had an idea for a topiary in my head since I saw this set. I love topiaries. I'd love to have a pair flanking my fireplace... This didn't come out quite as I had pictured. I think the Ranger Bridal embossing powder hides the cool ink effect too much. I had a lovely green shading effect, much like the pot. Oh well! I'm going to do the topiary again, just not for this project. For the pot, I shaded directly on the stamp with my brilliance chalk inks. It's the simplest thing, and it looks so difficult. The ink didn't go on the embossing powder like I wanted, so I put stickles in the middle of all the little bursts so it looks like there are lights in the topiary. FUN!!!

I don't get to keep this can. It's going to someone who asked me to do it for a gift exchange he is part of. I wish I could be a fly on that wall!!!!

1 comment:

Ila said...

I love this can!! ..Gorgeous!

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