Friday, November 23, 2007


Sharon Johnson offers up some fabulous challenges. And - bless her heart - it's all about the KISS - keep it simple. Today it's all about designer paper. I get my basic grey dp wholesale, so I have a whack of the stuff. I really {heart} basic grey paper. I especially {heart} the Blitzen collection which is now no longer available *sigh*. It's my absolute favourite snowflake paper. Now, I need to remind myself to not hoard the stuff and stop using it. It's a fave, but more faves are going to come.

Sharon's blog has the deets for this challenge. This one took me a little longer than I intended because there were a lot of interruptions. The are cute, my interruptions, but some days I feel like they do it on purpose just when I'm on a roll. *sigh* Good thing they are cute or they, like all kids, might be left by the side of the road some days.

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Sharon (notimetostamp) said...

Fabulous card -- truly fabulous!!! So much I love about it -- the curved line for one, the ribbon treatment -- and you get your BG wholesale???? What a lucky girl you are!!! I don't have much of it, but I love what I have!!! And I believe in using what I love -- LOL!!! No hoarding here!!!

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