Thursday, September 6, 2007

I have one notebook to go for my hostess appreciation. I've really enjoyed doing this for them. It's been wonderful. Gifts of true thanks for what will be coming up in our hostess club journey together this coming season. Pinky Swear! I want to get a group shot of these babies before they are given out at hostess clubs later this month.

But by golly I'm looking forward to letting loose on some cards starting tomorrow night for VSN over at splitcoast!!!! I'm looking forward to being challenged, to stretching, trying new things. New colours, techniques, fun stamping as opposed to work stamping -- I know *pat that girl on the head and send her away - can you believe! Work stamping she's little griping about! The nerve! More people should be so fortunate!* Maybe you didn't notice, not one notebook has distressing on it! I'm getting twitchy here! Haven't distressed anything in too long! I have one notebook to go - I think it needs some distressing!!!!

I have a meeting with our education facilitator tomorrow morning, and a vet visit for Willow tomorrow afternoon - getting the official okay that she's dewormed and good to go when she is in heat later this month.

-- Gee, Dog breeding later this month, Hostess Club later this month, Fridge later this month (who knew it was so hard to get a fridge!!!!!) -- sounds like my life really kicks it up a notch *you guessed it* later this month. Makes me think I sound like DD when she was talking about "In the Fall..." grade 1, piano lessons, more independence and freedom, reading, writing... Her life starts this month too!! Yay for us!

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