Friday, August 31, 2007

We went on a 12km hike yesterday to a place called the Inkpots. It's a terrific hike and the Inkpots are amazing. They are little pools that the water bubbles up from underneath, through limestone. The pools are different shades of blue and green, depending on what mineral has leeched into the water from below the surface.

The Inkpots is an environmentally fragile area, so my kids were disappointed they couldn't skip stones. However, they were troopers about the hike and they really enjoyed watching the water bubble from up from the bottom of the pools. It was an amazing day - so warm in the mountains, even in the shade. We hiked the 6km to the pool in under 2 hours. I think that is a significant feat for Rachel who is 6.

On the way back down we stopped at the lower falls in Johnson Canyon. It gave us a chance to cool off and marvel at how clear and beautiful glacier water is - I can't even begin to describe the colour. The girl in the green tye dye shirt is my Hannah - she is 10 and taller than I am as of this summer. That should tell you how tall she is and how SHORT I am!
We hiked to the parking lot, wonderfully pooped from the hike and piled in the van to go home. Ready for it? DRAMA ALERT --- We tried to pull out of our parking space and the van wouldn't move. Um, I thought the drama was done for the balance of the year!!! We discovered that the THUNK I heard as I parked the van was the steering (rack and pinion) breaking. Yup! We were stuck 1 1/2 hrs from home. Pooped. Hungry. Stuck. But God is amazing - can you imagine what would have happened to us if the steering had failed going highway speed? It didn't break on the way into the parking lot. It didn't break anywhere else but as I finished parking. AMAZING!!!
We have since learned that it is FREAKIN' expensive to have a vehicle towed that kind of distance. We have no choice though. My dad is rarin' to go with the necessary parts to fix out steering. I might even have my vehicle back tomorrow. WOW!!! My dad's the best - he even drove out to us to pick us up! 7 people in his little volvo - what a ride comin' home!
So, *ahem* where is my new fridge? *snort* Not in my kitchen, that's fer sher!!! {insert roll eyes here} Good thing I jumped all over that dinky TINY loaner fridge when they offered it. My milk has yet to spoil :)

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Lovetostamp6 said...

Hi Loretta,
Looks like you had a great time with the family. Thanks for sharing your family pictures with us.

Have a great weekend,
Jennifer :)

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