Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another challenge card. This is for a colour combinations challenge.

This flower was a labour of love to create. I stamped Stampendous's Ruffled Flower 3 times. The bottom layer I aquapainted pink passion and shaded with purely pomegranate. The middle layer I used Distress Ink's Worn lipstick and shaded with pink passion. The top layer was done with pretty in pink and shaded with worn lipstick.

I cut out the flower in front of the tube last night. Some jobs just require tubing! Cutting out those flowers was a tube job - KWIM?! I still wasn't sure how to make the reality match the picture in my head for that pretty flower. I went to sleep with pink ruffled flowers dancing in my head. But how to get them to stay still AND be 3-D pretty. AND what to do to that plain strip of green behind the pretty pink blossom to facilitate some jump-out-acha-ness.

I cut out the bottom layer, including between the petals, and gently curled the edges with my fingers. I cut out the middle and upper layer petals completely, using the stamp's flower centre as tabs. I cut little slits in the centre of the bottom flower and inserted the upper petals in the slits - I hope you are following this!!! I taped the little tabs on the back of the flower to hold them in place. They were still a little wiggly, so I used a drop of crystal effects where a petal touched the layer below. The centre was not pretty anymore, so I grabbed a brad to hide all the yuckies. I really like the texture of these bazzill bling corduroy brads. *uber fab* And they fit with the colour combination! Does it get any better?

I stamped the fern from the Touch of Nature set, kind of like what a dozen red roses comes with. Not that I'd know... Would someone puh-leez remind my DH that romance is a life long thing!!

Yesterday as I was running errands I hit a road construction project - it was right in my way! Not literally hit, but I was thinking loudly!!! There was a detour. Follow the detour. What the heck!!! There was construction there too - and another detour! I decided at that point I was going to go 1/2 block out of my way to visit a LSS to compensate myself. I wouldn't have stopped there, I swear. I figured it was providence though if there was a detour on the detour. I found a beautiful stamp set that I've been desirous of for awhile from Magenta called Life Is Beautiful. It was providence! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! When I explained the situation and threw in that bit about providence, DH hubby rolled his eyes. Would someone explain romance to that man!

I used the sentiment from my brand new, not romantic, Life is Beautiful stamp set for my pretty pink blossom. I created a mask for the outer edge of the ribbon slider. I sponged the centre on the diagonal to tone down how stark the sentiment looked. I took off the edge mask, and found the edge was too stark! I put the centre I cut out from the edge mask on the sentiment and sponged, but I sponged on the opposite diagonal. It has a very amazing effect IRL. It looks a lot like a carved wood tag with opposite grains.

I love this card. I don't think I'll do 3-D flower cards everyday, but this was a dreamin' about, waking up at 4am with an epiphany type card.

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Corie said...

This card is absolutely gorgeous!!!

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