Friday, March 23, 2007

Little Treasures

I did it!!! Okay, now if that didn't make me sound like a five year-old, I don't know what would! (wink!!) I finished the third set for the magazine layout. I borrowed double line doodle from a friend (who is a demo, but so am I so we figured no conflict there :)) for this set because I was after a particular look and proportionally, it was small enough.

There is a story behind this set. In high school I took art and loved it. It was my no-brainer-need-this-to-decompress class. I did well and as a result, was given a set of prismacolors for Christmas in grade 12. They have been a treasure, along with my flute (grad gift). I am now 20 years older and still have these treasures. EXCEPT that my prismacolors went missing last fall. I now have 4 children, whom I love dearly, and we homeschool. BUT THEY ARE TOUCHING MY TREASURES!!!! Prismacolors gone missing. Flute case latch broken and won't stay closed. I try to console myself with reminders like - she's showing proficiency on flute, we will fix the case -- they are taking an interest in art and using quality tools...

I'm not sure some days those thoughts help. I had spent HOURS the week before searching for this treasure of mine. My furnace room is now a sight to behold! We could have guests camp out in there - if they are desperate.

So, after months of prismacolor withdrawal, I went to Michael's with 40% off coupon in hand, thinking the whole time;

"I'm going to replace my set and as soon as I have the new set home and sharpened the old set will show up - just watch!!!"

I left the store, pocket much lighter, with that niggling thought. I got home and left them, with the receipt, on my ironing board for 3 days. I kept searching for my set. The new set was home, surely the old would show up! Kind of like deep calling to deep. Nope. Nothing. I cracked the plastic, hoping the smell of the newbies would draw out the much loved lost ones. Not so much as a familiar whimper.

FINE!!! I opened my NEW set and spent an evening getting to know all the new colours, sharpening with care, arranging in familiar patterns in the trays. I let go of the past (or displayed a particularly rebellious heart). I called it a night and dreamed of creations with my new treasure. That's how I came up with this doodley, dreamy, ethereal set for the magazine.

Epilogue: The very next morning, what do you think my oldest found? Yup, my old set of prismacolors. DANG!!!

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