Wednesday, June 16, 2010

AARCS Update puppy pictures

We got pictures of the puppies last Sunday and named them all.  After thinking about all the wonderful suggestions we received for naming this litter of beautiful little girls, we decided to go with the 7 wonders of the world.  These girls are developing faster than we normally see, which simply confirms that Tiger carried well past her due date.  For example, their eyes were fully open at 12 days old.  We don't normally see their eyes open until closer to 21 days.  These are BIG, fat, content, healthy puppies which is what we love to see compared to what we sometimes have with our rescue puppies.

Now, let me introduce you to our girls...


                                            Halicarnassus (Hali);






And then some shots of the girls waiting for their personal photo shoot;

Right after we were done with puppy pictures, our house was invaded by this many 11-12 year old boys;

We are not showing pictures of the other kids at the party because I don't have permission from the parents, and, well, we want to protect the innocent!

My son had his birthday party a month early because he is blessed (he'd say, 'NOT!') to have his birthday in July and most of his friends are gone on holidays and we usually have a really tough time getting enough kids together to have a birthday party for him.  We have a ton of little guys over and then we marched them through our neighbourhood to a gorgeous provincial park that is a couple of minutes walk from our front door.  We had some totally amazing young men from our senior high youth group come and ref an afternoon of Capture the Flag for these boys.  My older daughters played the part of the flag for each team - I know it's not conventional, but we wanted lots of supervision to keep these guys safe and ensure they had a really good time.  My girls did an awesome job along with the refs and there were no injuries!  Everyone went home soaked and exhausted!   Does my boy look happy or what (those are my girls in the background with one of the refs)!

{insert contented *sigh*}  I love my life, my family and all these things I get to do day to day!


Cass said...

Awwww, what cuuute pups!!! I think my husband and I would keep them all! haha! Thanks for sharing!

MiamiKel said...

Oh what a sweet sweet post!! THose puppies are absolutely DIVINE! Nothin' sweeter than a wee pup snuggled up in your lap - I'm so in love - best wishes finding them homes and watching them move on in the journey of life!

And WOW on the shoes ..... rofl

HappyCrafter said...

oh my, they are so cute! Makes me want a puppy LOL! very neat idea for the names :-)

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