Thursday, April 29, 2010

AARCS Update

Isn't this a beautiful face?!!!! This is Bunny. She is about 18 months old and has had a litter and they are already weaned. Bunny was brought in last Friday with porcupine quills in her muzzle and right eye. She had been in a dog fight and had puncture wounds in her shoulder as well as under and over her right eye.

Bunny is the happiest foster we've had. She is very social and, this is so unusual, she is very LOW energy! My daughter took her out for a walk the other day and Bunny got 1/2 a block from our house and Bunny decided to simply sit in the middle of the sidewalk. She finally got up and a block later sat again. She doesn't really run. She is a big girl and really knows how to enjoy life!

Bunny isn't big on barking (YAY!). When she goes for a nap, one of many on any given day, she goes to a quiet place and will sleep for hours. Bunny is a very happy, mild mannered, seriously low energy dog. She is very loving and is showing to have very nice house manners, unless something yummy smelling is in the garbage. She just needs gentle reminders that she doesn't need to rely on garbage to survive anymore because food is always available. She is fully house trained and behaves really well on leash.

Bunny has a very gentle mouth, taking treats without snapping or hurting. She is terrific around kids since she isn't easily startled or excited. She has wonderful dog manners and has done very well around my whacked out, high strung shelties.


HappyCrafter said...

What a sweet dog, it makes me happy to think you are able to help her out and give her a home and some love right now while she needs it. Hope she finds a permanent home soon!

Stamping Becky said...

Looks like Bunny is doing very well from the care given by you and your wonderful family.

Mary Friederichsen said...

Oh Loretta, she is Beautiful!

I wish sometimes that we lived in Canada just so I could take some of these animals that have been blessed to end up with you and your family!
I would take her in a heart beat if we lived there!
These creatures Bless our lives in so many ways,I don't understand how people can mistreat and abandon them. They are Angels that have been sent to watch over us!
We have 3 dogs right now and then each Bless us in different ways.
One right now is a recuse. I have had 2 other rescues,but have lost both in the last 2 years to cancer.
One was rescued from Mexico by a group that lives here.

Well probably more info than you wanted to read!!

God Bless you and your Family...and little Bunny!!

Joseline said...

Oh Loretta, she is a beautiful pup. I can't imagine the life she had in dog fights.

I pray and hope you are able to find her a good home.

Cassie said...

ohhh i love her! wish i had room for one more dog!!!

Betty said...

Oh she is awesome. I wish I could take her if you were close enough! Within a week or so we will have to put our old dog down due to liver cancer. :`(

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