Sunday, May 17, 2009

AARCS 10 puppy litter update

I have been asked to provide a link with the rescue organization we work with and so here it is;

The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS)

This is Juno. He's one of the puppies not adopted yet. Is he not the sweetest little thing?!!! He's easy peasy to tell from the other puppies! He's smaller and fluffier and for the longest time he looked like a BIG hamster. This is the guy that his tail wasn't fully formed when he was born. I thought for certain he had experienced some trauma to his tail, butwhen I checked him out, the end of his tail is pointy like it should be but it's half the length of the others' tails. We keep saying that he is a radioactive experiment crossing a hamster with a dog so we could have the first house trained hamster in history.

This is Jaycee and like Juno, she's available to be adopted. She can be a little dominant at times, but with no mom around someone had to step forward. It's only a problem when 3 or 4 puppies step forward at the same time.

My DD has begun the herding back into the dog run process. Our own dogs, shelties, are a wondeful help for this 4 times a day activity. This is Jemma, and she went with her forever family last Friday morning.

Jazz went home Friday night. These little guys are power chewers! He was in the swele at the back of our yard chewing on some long grass from the last growing season.

And he's trying to spit it out - doesn't taste so good after all!

Oh gack! It went back too far...

Sweet little Jade was being chased because she had a wrapper in her mouth. She is the most delicate of the puppies, and really is a darling. She went home Thursday night.

No, I don't know who these all are. They were all so much alike and there were so many of them that we wrote their names on their tummies with a permanent marker for our sake, for the organizers of the adopt-a-thon they went to, and for the vet when he did their surgeries over only 2 days.

On Friday there were only 5 puppies in my garage. It was much quieter and less stinky in there. It's always a sad and happy day. We get attached while we have them but it does feel good to raise them to a point we can let them go to their forever families. We have asked for a little break now from rescues since we have had dogs from December 26th until now. It has been a joyful time for us as a family and we look forward to doing this more, just not soon. Once Juno and Jaycee are adopted, we might not have puppies until late fall or we may have some next month. I just want a little time to destink our garage and rest for a little before we say, ' Bring it on!'


LORi said...

Fantastic Work Loretta...Bravo to your whole family!!!!

Summerthyme Studio said...

What beautiful dogs Loretta!!!! This must be a very rewarding cause for you!

Elena said...

They are very beautiful dogs! You and your family do such am amazing work!

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