Sunday, April 5, 2009

AARCS - the names

We picked names for the foster puppies over pizza at supper tonight.

the boys;

the girls;
Juniper (Junie)

My kids know who is who, but I can't keep track yet. The only one I know for certain is Juno - he has a stubby tail and looks like a keg of black powder blew up in his face. Judge is the big one, but I don't see him immediately yet. Jazz is Judge's twin according to my kid's logic. I'm thinking there can't be twins in a set of decatuplets - but what do I know! So they qualify that statement by saying Jazz is Judge's mirror image... okay, whatever! Joker is the other runt, along with Juno, and he's got a really red coat like his mom. And that's as far as I get. Remember I can't keep my kid's names straight somedays, so keeping all these look alikes straight is a real stretch for me!

We'll post pictures tomorrow matched to names...


judy anderson said...

omg for a minute I thought you were octo mom plus two...then I remembered the puppies.

i {heart} papers said...

Wow...that's a lot of pups. I'm reading top down so I was very confused!

Elena said...

Very cute names and precious puppies!

toners said...

What great names! I love Jemma :)

Velta said...

Love It!!! You sound like you are having such a good time with these babies...they are adorable...I wish I could give some energy to the momma :)

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