Monday, January 26, 2009

AARCS update

No pictures today of the Fosters. However, the puppies, Pudge and Whisper went to their forever families yesterday. I think they are all going to amazing home and are going to be well loved. On that note, Bree is going to become a movie star for the day. Shaw cable services is going to film Bree at play being her gorgeous self! We are hoping she will go to her forever family soon too.

And Bree will be spayed in short order now that the puppies are gone. She will recover from this procedure in the lap of luxury in relative peace and quiet.

With the puppies gone (I actually teared up when the family who adopted Pudge called on Saturday), morning poop duty only took 20 minutes!!!!! Holy toledo! Bring on the stamping, baby!!!! And I'll need a long, hot bath...

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