Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My house is pending. We have a home inspection on Friday as the last condition, then it is officially sold. *sigh of relief*

I need to find a house!!! We have looked at so many properties, and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by choosing a house big enough to accommodate my family and my hobbies. Bigger house, bigger mortgage. *sigh* I know we need to move. I know. I'm trying to enjoy this process, but it's getting a little hard with a deadline looming.

I know, I'll stamp more to ease the angst... BRILLIANT!!!

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mamichelle said...

Oh my, I feel like I'm reading my own blog! LOL We are downsizing though (kind of). We had radon in the water so another test had to be completed, etc. I need to close by 8/8 and don't have a place to go!! Sorry to ramble. I found your link on SCS. Good luck!

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