Thursday, May 29, 2008

So, um... Last night the card I did, I called sanity time. This morning, I'm calling it procrastinating! I have no excuse. NONE!! I needed to be sewing. I wanted to be stamping. It's a good thing I sew fast. I got this card done quickly. Love it! I was feeling particularly indulgent, so I spent time with my favourite Italian - Fabriano Mediovalis. I stood in front of my stamps and stood and stood... *sigh* Sometimes there is a such thing as having too many stamps, too much choice. I decided to use 'Garden Pleasures' because I like it and hadn't used it in AGES! It's spring somewhere (we got a metre [39"] of snow in the mountains over the last week - above average snow pack with high moisture content so maybe we are droughtless for this summer) and a few of my perennials are peeking out, so I'm consoling myself with these cutie patootie sprouts.

I used a blender pen to apply the colour. My Italian hasn't proven to be fond of alcohol (ink) or water (colors). The colour went on beautifully! It almost looks like watercolor. Love it!!!

I used the sentiment from Knobbly Gnomes. I wanted to accent it so I coloured over the dots on the sentiment with a tiny bit of the red I used on the image. The ink bled!! Instead of tiny, cute red dots, they turned into huge zits! Ferocious, painful, red zits! This is what I get for procrastinating! So, back to the rule - make it stand out so it looks like I meant to do it. I love Tim Holtz's Fragments - subtle and fabulous! They were perfect for this job! I stuck it on with Antique Glass emboss liquid from Plaid. I like the colour and it made the red bleed even more, but now it looks cool. More like tiny flower blossoms and less like really bad acne!

stamps; knobbly gnomes, garden pleasures (SU!)
ink; archive jet black (ranger)
paper; Fabriano Mediovalis
accessories; blender pen, cool grey #1 marker (tombow), rust, ginger, oregano, lettuce, red pepper reinkers (anirondack by ranger)


Julia Aston said...

Beautiful card Loretta! I love that potted plants stamp - I have Fabriano paper and haven't dared use it yet (what am I waiting for - I have NO idea!)

check out my blog - I've given you an award!

Deanna said...
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Deanna said...

Just visiting from Create with Me and I am lovin your style! Very clean and pretty!

Leslie Hanna said...

Too many stamps. Yes, I know the feeling! But do I stop collecting? NEVER! ;-)

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