Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Somedays are the days that you wish would go on forever. This cutie patootie Elzybells makes me think of those kinds of days. Today was not that kind of day... I wrote down DD's field trip time wrong. We are rarely late for things (on principle - it's a respect for others thing to me) but today, holy shamolies!!! And the field trip was at a pioneer village (Heritage Park) and SHEESH it was cold this morning with stinging ice pellets that bite right into your face when they hit. We were sent to the wrong building (5 minute walk with the biting ice pellets), and we went back to the main office (another 5 minutes) then we were sent to the other building where our group could be (another 4 minutes - OUCH!) and I didn't mean to come in the wrong door right INTO the presentation. *sigh* I'm serious as I've been telling you, when I mess up, I don't go half way!

After the field trip was over (it was wonderful once the presenter stopped being one of those biting ice pellets toward me *sigh*) I took DD to lunch. A lovely lunch over a burger and oinion rings with a little rootbeer to wash it all down. Across the parking lot was a LSS that I rarely make it to because it's a 30 minute drive away. To console me, we went in. After wandering for a bit, I discovered the Elzybells display. I didn't know they sold them!!! And at that moment, can you imagine, the sun came shining though the shop window! It was meant to be, so I picked this little cutie up and dropped my dough on the counter. Not a bad day after all...

stamps; warm words (Stampin' Up!), Girl on swing (Elzybells), small oval (A Muse)
paper; sea breeze, twig, ivory (Bazzill)
ink; basic brown (Stampin' Up!)
accessories; copic markers, stardust gelly pens (Sakura), small oval punch, large oval punch (Stampin' Up!), sheer dotted ivory ribbon, rhinestone brad (Making Memories), primas

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